Smooth the boundary of a buffer into transparency

04-19-2024 02:26 AM
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I was wondering if there is a possibility to smooth the boundaries of buffers around points that in the end NO boundary of the buffer is visible. The transparency of the buffer should increase by moving away from the central point.

Here an example: 


What I am searching for is making the boundary of the buffer (red) completely invisible, so the buffer is increasing in transparency. In the middle of the buffer (point) should be the lowest transparency and around the boundary the transparency should strongly increase. 

I am not sure if this visualization is possible since a polygon is limited by a boundary. 

If anyone has any answers I would greatly appreciate it! 🙂 Thanks in advance!

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symbology : buffered gradient

properties: outline width 0buff.pngbuff2.png











obviously you would pick a less obvious patch color and you can mess around with the pattern

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One issue to watch out for is that the Buffer Gradient doesn't support Continuous option, which is annoying. You can get around it by setting your number of intervals higher, but that slows performance.

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I was also going to suggest a gradient fill (and no polygon border color).

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