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Show original date/time of feature service

3 weeks ago
Occasional Contributor III

Hi there,

I am working with feature services in ArcPro.

I am in a different time zone from where the data is getting created.

1. How do I make sure the original date/time from the original time zone is shown when I use it in my ArcPro?

Also not sure if this is a setting in ArcGIS Online. (I didn't see an option to change this in the feature service. When doing the original publish from ArcPro to ArcGIS Online I did notice it asks about what time you want to display the data in, but I've already published it, so hoping there's another way to adjust this?)

I have tried googling and ChatGPTed this, but I'm likely using the wrong words or phrasing it incorrectly. Any help or pointers you could offer would be great. Thanks for your time.

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