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Sharing custom basemap to ArcGIS online from ArcGIS Pro.

a month ago
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Hi Everyone,
I have created a custom basemap in ArcGIS Pro by following the steps given in this article (Basemaps—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation).

The map got converted to a basemap and started to appear in basemap dropdown.

Now I want to share this basemap to ArcGIS online. Can someone suggest a way for achieving this.

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Hey @HardikVarshney 

I found this article here that may be helpful:

As a summary, you will need to share this map to AGOL from Pro and match the considerations that are in the "Considerations" section within the document. I have many that I uploaded as Map Image layers, regular Feature Layers will not work with this method. The instruction will be in this section "Use a basemap that is not in the gallery".

Hope that helps!