Repair Geometry Tool Unbearably Slow and Dysfunctional

02-22-2024 08:19 AM
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240K MB shapefile.  It's a large one - HEC-RAS inundation boundary generated from HEC-RAS.  This is the US Army Corp's Hydraulic Modelling software (FYI).  There is a geometry issue I found using (surprise, surprise) QGIS (and quickly).  It's a self-intersection.  

No matter how long I let the Repair Geometry or Check Geometry tools churn, the tool never finishes.

I had the same issue a few months ago, but fixing the geometry issue in QGIS manually, did not fix the layer.  I had to perform the Repair Geometry Tool in Pro to fix the shapefile.

Does anybody have suggestions or similar experiences?

Pro 3.0.2 | Using the ESRI method with the tool



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That's kind of big for a shapefile; I would export it to something a bit more performant like a geopackage, mobile geodatabase, or file geodatabase and the repair geometry tool should run faster. Then export it back to shapefile (if you absolutely have to have a shapefile); otherwise I'd stop using shapefiles altogether.

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Tools for checking and repairing geometries—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

When shapefiles are loaded into a geodatabase, the features' geometries are copied as they are (with any existing geometry problems), so the same precaution that is needed when using shapefile data must be taken into account when using geodatabase feature classes. The exception is when the data is loaded into an enterprise geodatabase using an ArcGIS client application.

working with a file geodatabase would be preferable than the shapefile directly, but if you are working in an enterprise environment then the loading of the shapefile should address some/all of the issues.

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I would second moving from shapefiles to FGDB for very large features or very large numbers of features.

Large individual features (10's of millions of vertices) can take a fair amount of time to check/repair, especially if using the ESRI method.  Sometimes using the OGC option can be faster.

Large numbers of features can be processed faster if you use the parallelProcessingFactor GP environment prior to running the tools. 

If you would like us to take a look at your data to see if there is anything further we can do to improve the performance against your specific data you can either attach it here or call your support analyst and submit a request with them.

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