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Problems opening a 3D stereo project on another computer

a month ago
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New Contributor III

Hello everyone
I managed to build a stereo model to view the aerial photographs in 3D and be able to photointerpret.
Now I want that same project to open on another computer.
I went through the entire folder that contains the information, but when I open it on another computer, it does not show me the 3D photograph, and it shows me another image.


If anyone can help me how I can solve this type of problem, I will be grateful.

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Esri Notable Contributor

For the other PC, does it's ArcGIS Pro have licensing for the Image Analyst extension AND meet the requirements for working with stereo mapping?

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New Contributor III

Hello, yes, the PC has the license for the extension and meets all the requirements.

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Esri Regular Contributor

The checkerboard pattern indicates that the mosaic dataset's image data links are broken. See

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