Prioritizing Attribute Fields

02-01-2023 01:55 PM
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Hi everyone!

I’m wondering if anyone knows how to weight, or prioritize, some attribute fields over others within a shapefile.

For example, let’s say I have a shapefile with three fields in the attribute table: Bikeway Facility Type, Bikeway Separation Type, and Bikeway Surface Type. If I run the shapefile through some sort of analytical/geoprocessing tool, I want the Facility Type to be weighted at 80%, Separation Type weighted at 15%, and Surface Type weighted at 5%.

In my case, the geoprocessing tool I am using is the Similarity Search tool. The tool compares an input shapefile to find all potential matches based on similar attributes. So if I want to find 5 matches that are similar to my input in terms of Facility Type, Separation Type, and Surface type, I can do that, but each attribute would be weighted at 33.3%.  Is it possible to create a ranking or some sort of weighted portfolio so that I can prioritize Facility Type in my analysis?

I am wondering if this is possible in any capacity in ArcGIS pro; it doesn’t necessarily have to be with the Similarity Search tool.



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