Please Help with Projection and Transformation

03-26-2023 03:43 AM
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I am trying to fit a layer of catchments over europe. My geo coordinate system for the map is ETRS 1989 UTM Zone 26N since my AOI is north of Portugal. One layer (see Screenshot) has the correct coordinate system and fits, the other a diff. CS and transformation. No idea how to get that layer to fit properly, can anyone help here?

Much apprechiated!


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Screenshot 2023-03-26 125632.png

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Did the layer have a coordinate system or did you use

Define Projection (Data Management)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

If it was the later, it was defined wrong and you have to determine what it is without defining it to what you want it to be

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If the .tif file has a predefined coordinate system, then the first time you bring it into that map, you have to use that coordinate system. Then you can set the layers coordinate system to the coordinate system you want it to be and export the .tif file out to that coordinate system using the data frame coordinate system. 

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