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a month ago
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Good Afternoon,

I am new to ArcGIS Pro and am an AutoCAD user for Civil Engineering and Mapping purposes. I am looking to transition my basemap creation from AutoCAD to ArcGIS and I am confused on how to create data for the mapping as most data I will be entering into the map will be in point format and will be created by me based on survey locations. Also what would be the best way to store this type of data for the purpose of adding it to a layout to show on a basemap? Can lat/long data be imported from Excel?

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Andrew - as you are new to ArcGIS Pro, I'd recommend a few web courses first to get you up to speed.  They are as follows:

1.  Getting Started with ArcGIS Pro | Esri Training Web Course
2.  Getting Started with Data Management | Esri Training Web Course
3.  Convert a list of historic places into a map | Learn ArcGIS

The short answer is yes, lat/long data from Excel can be imported into ArcGIS Pro.  In addition, you can work with all kinds of spatial data in ArcGIS Pro to visualize, analyze and map.  Good luck!

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