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01-26-2023 08:51 AM
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I am working on converting one of my ArcMap geodatabases [with associated maps]  to run on ArcGIS Pro.  In a Windows 10 22H2 environment.

My ArcMap gdb for one of my maps includes about 30 historic map raster files each of which has its own control point table [CPT] attached.  When I open this gdb in ArcGIS Pro I see each of those raster files in the Contents panel under the Base Map heading.  Highlighting a single raster and then in the Imagery ribbon selecting the Georeference icon displays the Import Control Point Table icon.  Selecting that and then selecting the ArcMap-created CPT associated with that raster brings those settings into the ArcGIS Pro CPT properly placing the raster on the base map.  So far so good.

However when doing this for a second raster, the CPT entries are added to the same ArcGIS Pro CPT as for the first raster creating an erroneously referenced image. 

How can I assign each raster its own CPT so that the CPT entries do not combine with a previous CPT.

Or am I going about this entirely wrong?  Clearly I'm in learning mode.

Thanks very much.

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William - after you georeference the first raster and write out the world file for the first raster, do you select the 2nd raster in the Contents Pane AND use the Delete All option in the Review group to delete the previously listed control points?   I can see if you're not doing this it tacks on the 2nd group of CPT's to the first group and warps everything very strangely.

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Thank you for your reply.

I have followed your suggestion but have not gotten what I had hoped for.  Here is a screen shot of the situation:


The first control table import I did was for Edenton which is reflected in the control table tab at 1.

Then I highlighted the Beckford raster at 2, clicked on the Import Control Table icon, selected the control table for Beckford and clicked OK. 

Pro asked "Do you want to delete the existing control points?" so I selected Yes.  [The choices are: Yes, No, Cancel] 

Pro then added the new control points for Beckford, at 3, but didn't assign those points to the Beckford raster so it was not properly placed on the the base map.  I was expecting a second tab to show that had Beckford in its title but that didn't happen. 

The Edenton raster, however, remained properly placed and its control points in place, though now I'm not sure where to find its control point table.

I'm not sure what to make of this.  Clearly still I'm doing something incorrectly.

Thanks, Bill Cole

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I made a mistake saying that the Edenton raster was properly placed.  In reality the raster was placed based on the control points for the Beckford raster.  My apologies.

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