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Mosaic Dataset Attributes

3 weeks ago
New Contributor

I have several raster datasets with different acquisition dates and sensor types that I would like to add to a single mosaic dataset. I have read that mosaic datasets can be used to sort and view rasters by attributes like acquisition date, sensor, etc. I don't know the best way to add and update attributes to a mosaic dataset, however.

From the help [] I can see that we can manually add custom attributes. I added a date field field to the table but I don't see a way to populate this field when I add rasters to he mosaic.

Is there a way to set the date field at the same time as adding the raster? Or would I have to manually edit the table to accomplish this? Ideally, I would to add several more custom attributes. Is there any easier way to automate this for hundreds of images?

Thanks again for any help. 

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