Map Series Best Fit Extent round scale issue

01-26-2023 01:22 PM
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Using ArcGIS Pro 3.0.2:

I set up a Map Series based on minimum convex polygons fit around data for individuals in a survey. I want to draw maps for each individual showing their data. I'd like the map to be relatively tight to the data, but I also want the scale to be a relatively round number, both because that works better with scalebars I have set up and because it satisfies my aesthetic sensibilities. I decided to use Best Fit Extent with a "Round scale to nearest" value of 20,000.


But apparently "round" will round down as well as round up. This means that the "best fit" will not always show all data. In the next image I have superimposed the MCP and shown a map generated by the series at scale 1:60,000. Ends of the MCP are out of the view frame.


This was not the behaviour I expected. I would expect that rounding would always be rounding up to the next value so that the best fit would always show the whole geometry for the feature driving the map series for the page. In this case it would be 1:80,000 and look like this:


I had to work around this by creating a column of scale values for the problem maps manually in the index layer and use "Use scale from field".

I'm not sure if this qualifies as a feature or a bug. If it is a feature there should be an option that specifies rounding should be up only. Should I add this to Ideas?

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Excellent observation and question. It's basically an enhancement to current functionality so that it works better. What's happening right now isn't a bug technically, as it is rounding. It's just rounding the value down isn't helpful in a map series. I think adding this as an Idea makes the most sense, that way others can vote on it as well. You could also reach out to tech support and have them log a Salesforce issue that you can track.