Map's definition query not showing up in Properties window

02-22-2024 03:54 PM
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I am wondering if anyone has ever opened a Web Map from ArcGIS Online in ArcGIS Pro through the portal and had the issue where one of the layers has an un-viewable definition query that is automatically filtering out data?

Here is the situation: 

I am using ArcGIS Pro to edit a web map from ArcGIS Online with several feature layers. I brought this web map into ArcGIS Pro through the Portal and I’ve made edits in the other layers using the “Edit” and “Create” tools. When I at a new point feature to the "Discharge" layer, I am able to create a new point and save it (the highlighted point and row is the new point I just created):


When I close ArcGIS Pro and open it another time, this point is no longer there:


However, when I created another point, it creates a point that has an Object ID that is 1 number higher (248) than the previous point (247).


I did notice this warning message when I tried to create new points:


But when I checked in this "Properties" of the layers and there is no definition query. 

I figured out what was happening: There was a definition query in the layer that was sorting through one of the fields in the layer and sorting out the newly added points because I didn't change the values in that field to the value that fit the definition query. I figured this out by making a copy of the web map, republishing it, and bringing it back into ArcGIS Pro. When I checked the Definition Query of this one, the definition query was there!


I found the workaround: just change the values in the definition query field. But I am still confused: Why could I not see this definition query in my original map? It was being applied, but I had no way to see it or change it. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

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It’s querying the feature in Pro because the source data coming in from the portal was published/built with a query applied. That source data setup/settings will control/preempt data you create with it in Pro. So you’re not able to “see” the query because the query does “not exist” at the level of the published feature, but rather at the level of the feature that was published … if that makes sense 😁

So, for example, if you have a definition query on your source data that is set to only show a feature with an “active” status then any feature you create with the portal sourced/published data will “disappear” if you’re not able to set the “status field” to “active” in Pro.

Best practice for editing purposes with portal sourced data is to not publish with a definition query but to set the query after you bring your data into Pro from the portal.

Hope that helps.

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You can also run into this issue if a filter was set (and saved) in the Visualization tab of the item properties.


You can remove it in the visualization tab as well, just need to remember to save.


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