Map frame from bookmark series keeps changing scale, why?

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I have a layout that is using (6) bookmarks that I saved for a series of pages.  Each bookmark was saved with a scale that made sense at the time, but each has one thing in common: the scales of each bookmark all fall within the label range I made.

In the Layout tab when I select a map frame the scales are not what I specified when I saved the bookmark (which I understand because the paper space I am using is different than my monitor) and when I try to change the scale it immediately reverts back.  

In the element property pane the map frames constraint is set to "None", and when I change it, it quickly "blips" then reverts back to "None".

This is extremely frustrating and I'd really like to understand: 

  1. Why is this doing this?
  2. How do I fix it?

Because this can't just be a matter of "that's the way it is" or that I'm the only one who has decided to change the scale of a layout page map frame....right????

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Hi @RichardOHearn  which version of ArcGIS Pro are you on?

Here is some documentation on adding map frames to the layout:

If you are still having difficulties with this, please open up a support ticket with us and we'd be happy to help you take a look.

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