Manage Sql Server Express

02-28-2017 12:23 AM
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In ArcMap you have a "Database servers" connection where you can manage Sql Server Express, Create new geodatabase, manage users etc.

Do you have anything like this in Pro?


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it is supported then there is this huge list of links in the left pane, including this one...which has no meaning to me, but hopefully to you

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Hi Dan

Pro have similar functionality to "Database connections" in ArcMap. "Database Servers" is similar name but very different functionality... Could not find it in Pro, It might be by design?

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Looking for a moment at the ArcMap documentation on What are ArcGIS database servers?

Within ArcGIS software, the term database servers refers to instances of Microsoft SQL Server Express that have been enabled to store desktop or workgroup geodatabases.

You create geodatabases and perform other administrative tasks for database servers through the Database Servers node in the Catalog window or ArcCatalog. Performing the administration of the database server and its geodatabases through ArcGIS Desktop means there is no extra software or database administration expertise required for you to create and use these types of geodatabases.

The "database servers" connections are for creating and administering database servers, or really just SQL Server Express, that contain desktop or workgroup geodatabases.  I think the larger question is, how does or even does ArcGIS Pro allow for creating and administering desktop or workgroup geodatabases?  The answer is, not really.

A search on ArcMap documentation for "database servers" returns 62 results, and the same search for Pro returns 0 results.  At a minimum, it indicates that desktop and workgroup geodatabases are not managed through "database servers" in ArcGIS Pro, at least not yet.

Searching on "desktop geodatabase", "desktop geodatabases", "workgroup geodatabase", and "workgroup geodatabases" yield similar results.  A look at An overview of creating geodatabases in ArcGIS Pro shows two subsections, one for a file geodatabase and one for an enterprise geodatabase.  It is clear the initial focus of ArcGIS Pro is on file and enterprise geodatabases.

So, where does that leave desktop and workgroup geodatabases in ArcGIS Pro?  Great question, and one that I have no idea in terms of an answer. 

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In ArcGIS Pro,  We can create a new database connection to the SQL Server Express instance and access the workgroup geodatabase.

In ArcGIS Pro, there is no option like "Add database server " as it is in ArcGIS for Desktop. However, the workgroup geodatabase is supported in ArcGIS Pro.

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As of now with ArcGIS Pro 1.4, there is not currently a way to manage or create workgroup geodatabases, but as Manvi mentioned we can create connections to them and use the data in Pro. I use workgroup and Sql Server express in several of the classes that I teach. Currently the workaround is to continue use ArcMap and Database Servers to create and manage workgroup geodatabases, but maybe that will be added in a future release. I didn't see anything on the ideas website yet. 

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Have there been changes to this as we are at 2.1????

I just noticed that after installing a plain SQL Server Express with the ESRI setup, I am not able to making the connection to it from Pro because there's only the default db which is not accessible. Am I supposed to still rely on ArcMap to manage my SQL geodatabase Workgroup?

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Is there any update to this question? I cannot connect to SQL Server Express in Pro and am wondering if this is even possible. These are not workgroup or enterprise databases, just the database you can create in ArcMap with no server license using "Database Connections" and "ArcSDE Personal Server". - Just found this tidbit from another post

...SQL Server Express "desktop" geodatabase, or a personal "mdb" geodatabase. Both of these are not supported any more with pro...

can anyone from Esri confirm this is the case in regards to the "desktop" geodatabase support in Pro?

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I also have this question- we own a workgroups license of Enterprise - how do we manage those databases through Pro? 

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Any updates? While I can connect to and edit a "Personal ArcSDE" geodatabase (one rung down from a "Workgroup" database) that I created in ArcCatalog, I cannot create new databases via Pro.  I'm on the most current version: 2.4.3.