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06-29-2022 12:02 PM
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With Pro v3, I'm trying to make a clean start with a template for my layouts since it takes forever to run simple task in v2.

At the beginning they were arcmap imports.  Now, I try to change my dynamic text with the structure I saw when using insert dynamic information.

I have layouts, some with one map, others with two or more ones.  When many maps, each one point to a specific map frame.  Then, in the map frame, I have specific maps for each of my map frame.

I need to access a lot of information in one table who makes the extend of my maps for all my projects beside all automatic ones like projection, rotation etc.  

Since Pro, like arcmap, doesn't support series maps, just layout maps, I fix one map with map series and the rest with query.

My problem is, after making change and saving the project, information change when going from one layout to the other.

Do I need to multiply maps to have only one map by map frame across all my layouts?  Now, like in the picture, I use the same map when, by example, my two map frame are put like left or up.  So one for the left and one for the right (see base__2__gch_ht) but, in other layout it could be one for the top and the other for the bottom (see base__2__gch_ht).



Some ideas? 


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Oups, since we can't with option, make changes, I put here related questions.

I try to simplified my names by removing space and shortening the name in case it's part of the problem.

First I found that changing something in the contents (TOC) doesn't always apply in the dynamic text.  Very bad.

But, now I doesn't understand why when changing the name of a map, even after closing an reopening the project, I still have the old one when inserting a dynamic text for mapMemberUri="CIMPATH=base__1___centre_/___tuiles_cartes_pour_atlas___.xml" My map is now name Base_centre.  Why Pro give this old name?  What is CIMPATH and where to make changes????

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