Issues with raster file values using InVEST (Urban Cooling model)

08-14-2022 10:02 AM
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Hi, I'm having a problem with values in a raster file that I'm uploading to the InVEST Urban Cooling model. The model tells me there are values in the raster which I'm sure there aren't. I attach the raster in question. @JimTenbrink this relates to the earlier issue you were helping me with.

From the Attribute Table for this raster, I only see lucodes (the field read by InVEST) for 33 and 40. But its telling me there are some 0 values as well.

I've raised the issue with the InVEST community but so far no solution. Just wondering if anyone here has can help. 

I've tried to attach the .tif of raster in question, but am told .tif files are not permitted - how can I share this? Attached is the log file from InVEST showing the error.



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