Is there a way to place labels that follow an offseted line?

09-20-2023 08:52 PM
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I have some overlapping lines which are movements in a junction (img1). i want to symbolize the lines so they have some offset from each other. 

They are placed with offset 10 from each group. 

now i want to place labels but then they only follow the original line alignment, but not the offseted one. and i can't identify which label is on which line.

Is there a way of labelling it so it follows the offsetted line?

Any ideas appreciate!!

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Have you tried applying a similar offset distance to the label symbols? If you go to label properties, Symbol, and under the General graphics tab there is an option to change the offset distance for all your labels under the Position dropdown.


 Symbol offsets.png

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Set the line's label Position to Offset Curved or Offset Straight and set the offset amount to match the amount the line is offset. 


If the line you're labeling is offset a positive amount, set Constrain offset to Left of line, and if the line offset is negative, set Constrain offset to Right of line.


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