Is it possible to join a non-spatial query layer from a data lake (on premise) to an egdb featureclass?

10-05-2022 11:49 AM
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Using ArcPro 2.9.3, I created a non-spatial query layer from our data lake, and now I want to join the query layer to a polygon featureclass from our egdb, but keep getting an error that the featureclass is a locked table.

Is it possible to join a non-spatial query layer to a featureclass?  I'm also curious how others are integrating non spatial data from enterprise systems (EAM, Permits, Financial) to GIS.

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We've got a handful of non-spatial databases and the like that we need to pull from to populate our parcel attributes. We use Python (particularly, the pandas module) to query from those other DBs, join based on a common key field, then push updates to the destination layer.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Are you looking to use this data in a service, as from my experience and I believe per ESRI documentation, the join would need to be in the same database?  As such you would need to save the data into the enterprise geodatabase and then remove the join to the query layer.  This can be scripted and automated if it needs to be done on a regular interval.

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