Intel Core i5 1135g7 vs Ryzen 5500u

05-23-2022 11:55 PM
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Hello, can you guys tell me which one is better for ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro, Intel Core i5 1135g7 or Ryzen 5500u? Both of them surpassed the recommended CPU specs for ArcGIS Pro. If you have any experience using one of those processor, let me know. 

Thank You

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They are both pretty low end processors and you probably won't see much of a difference between them.  Though they Ryzen has more cores and is faster.  

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There is little to nothing that is unique with how ArcGIS Pro utilizes CPUs.  It is a Windows application that is mostly single-threaded, partially multi-threaded, and partially GPU-enabled.  To Esri's credit, Pro is much more multi-threaded than ArcGIS Desktop/ArcMap, but a lot of geoprocessing still depends on the single-threaded performance of a given CPU.

There are many factors that influence the performance of an application besides CPU, and there can be other factors that are non-application specific that make a strong case for choosing one CPU over another.  Both of these CPUs are designed for laptops, so power consumption/efficiency is likely a factor to consider.

In short, there are lots of factors to consider, and you haven't shared any information for people to make specific suggestions on which may work best for you.

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