How to display Mosaic Dataset raster imagery in greyscale using stretch function and retain detail

05-24-2022 06:25 AM
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I am using some OS raster imagery stored in a Mosaic Dataset, and looking to use the Symbology Stretch functions to display it in greyscale / grayscale.

Here is the original colour version of the raster:


I applied these settings using the Black to White colour scheme and it now displays like below.



The terrain level shading in the mountains is now not visible and the large yellow banding has disappeared also. I've changed the Band settings and the Stretch types, some of them improves things slightly but none of them retain the detail of the original colour raster. Can anyone advise how I can produce an accurate greyscale raster?

Can I apply a stretch function on all 3 bands?

I also tried using the Greyscale Raster Function and this works perfectly in terms of retaining the level of detail from the original, but by using that you lose the benefits of the Mosaic Dataset (e.g. no boundary, footprint, or ability to see the individual raster datasets in the Attribute Table). 

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