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How to define negative overrun for labels (or do something similar)

a month ago
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I'm working on a small-scale road map that has many roads symbolized in different colors based on certain attributes. I want maximize the number of roads with labels, but I also don't want any label to obscure the color of the road it's labeling. Regardless of how I tweak font size or label-fitting strategies, there's always at least a few labels that are almost the exact same length as the road they're on. This makes it very hard to see the color of the road, and in this instance I'd rather have these roads go unlabeled.

At first I thought to offset all the labels from their roads, but offsets or multiline labels turned out to not be feasible for the denser parts of the map. Really what I'm looking for is something more along the lines of a negative overrun, or the ability to define a minimum allowable offset between a label and both ends of its line. Does something like this exist?


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