How do i Merge Polygons based on common attribute.

10-07-2022 11:10 AM
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I have parcels that were split in the process of joining them to a subdivision polygon layer. I used the dissolve tool since there was repeats. I used the Property ID to merge them together since this is unique value. The count number reduced dramatically. It creates a new table, but my problem is that it only contains OBJID, shape, Property Id, shape length and area but not all other attributes. I tried to do a join based on property id but the OBJID now has repeats, and the count goes up again from original attribute table.

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What did you do during the dissolve to account for attributes?

Dissolve (Data Management)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

How Dissolve (Data Management) works—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

you may lose attributes during the process that you need to deal with

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