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Hi Guys, how can I show the length of km of the route at the end

a month ago
New Contributor

Hi Guys, I have 93.7km length of route file. I'd like to show the markers at the extremities (at the begin and the end), but it doesn't show the end of route. Is it required to make a arcde expression? 

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Hi, please use "VBScript" by adding &" km" after the selected field under Expression

Ex: [Shape_Length]&" km"

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Esri Contributor

If you want to label a line differently at the beginning and end I think it is easiest to create points at the end and beginning and label the points instead. Visually, no on will notice any difference. You can use this tool to create points at the end and beginning: Generate Points Along Lines (Data Management)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation. Toggle "Add accumulated distance and sequence fields" on before you run the tool.

(I do not know if you can use arcade to achieve this.)

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