Geoprocessing tool hangs, continues to run after finishing

02-02-2023 03:07 PM
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Yesterday, I noticed that after a tool that I created (made with a Python script) has successfully completed, the geoprocessing window will continue to "run" and says that its "updating". This tool has been used several times before without this issue occurring. I have not updated the script of the tool, either. If it matters, there are no errors in the data that the tool processes.

When I attempt to cancel the process, it will run indefinitely. My solution for now is to force cancel Pro then reopen the workspace to run other processes. This does not occur when running the ready-to-use tools from ESRI. 

Is this a bug? I use ArcGIS Pro version 3.0.3. Other staff on my team encountered this issue on ArcMap version 10.8.2 with a ModelBuilder tool. 

Anyone have an explanation for why this happens? Any solutions? 


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it has been noted before without resolution

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There are 54 results  for "script hangs" on the support site

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You might be advised to just call tech support to narrow down what geoprocessing tools you were using might be causing the issue

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