Generate Net CDF from Point Dataset for Animation on ArcOnline

02-22-2024 08:57 AM
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I have been tasked with generating some animated water flow lines for a project I am working on. I've generated a series of Points with a flow direction, magnitude and date field on them and I am attempting to convert them to a Net CDF file, however, the outputs I produce are blank.

Here's an example of the point data I have generated;


Flow direction is the direction that the original flow line was orientated in and then the mag/date fields are ones that I have generated to allow the generation of the Net CDF. I have basically cloned each point 3 times and assigned differing mag and date/time values.

The parameters I have set for the tool are as follows and the direction/magnitude fields are both float fields. The Date field is a time/date field.


The tool runs but the output is blank when I add it in using add multi dimensional raster - am I missing something really obvious. I have scoured the guidance but cannot see anything.





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