Failiure to export layout on JPEG format

07-04-2022 09:06 PM
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I'm trying to export a layout made on ArcGIS Pro, I was previously using a project in the 2.9 version but I recently updated to 3.0 and updated the project to the 3.0 format, but now I seem to be unable to export my layouts (in this project and generally the projects I was working on before the update) on JPEG format, having to use PNG, SVG and PDF as alternatives without problem.

Has anyone experienced the same issue or has an idea on what could cause this? I'm thinking it could be the images I previously embedded on the layout before the 3.0 update but I really don't know.

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Are you using the new presets?

New Export Presets in ArcGIS Pro 3.0 (

jpeg doesn't support transparency, so check that too



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I didn't use presets, I tried changing the color depth manually to 24-bit True Color and that seemed to be the trick (don't really get why though...), thanks for the reply

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