Failing Composite locators in Arcgis Pro (Error: -2147467259 - Failed to execute (GeocodeAddresses))

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I am struggling to create a composite locator using ArcGIS pro and getting an odd undocumented error. 


I've created 2 locators using 2 layers of points. One a merged layer of Canadian postal codes and US 5 digit Zip codes. I am using the postal code/zip code and City field to locate.

Canada/USA postal locations using the Postal Locality rule set.


The World City Country locator using the 'city' rules and I am using the city name and country name to locate.



On their own, they build successfully and work properly. 

The problem seems to be when I use these 2 locators to create a composite locator...(BTW, I want a composite locator so I have flexibility in controlling the parameters of each locator independantly)

I can sucecssfully build a composite locator, however, the red flag is that it seems to build too fast. I know Esri has made great strides in improving perforamce, but nothing in the software only takes 2 sec!!! 😉 Seriouly, I'm sure this tool is merging the locator .loc or the .xml files, regardless, I would expect some error checking or processing that would take a bit of time.


If I try to use this composite locator, I get the following error...


interstingly, the error inside the geoprocessing tool is different...


There isn't anyting that I'm 'breaking' in the Error 10 , but I can't find anything related to the -214746... error.

A quick google search shows this error related to some PY code, but not within a geoprocessing tool using Pro. 

AS far as the list that I'm geocoding, it's a table stored in a geodatabase. As I mentioned, the table geocodes fine with each locator independantly, so the error seems to be related to the composite locator itself. 

When I build the composite locator, I have the geoprocessing tool set to the following...


I'm a little confused by the field mapping. In one locator I am using Postal code and city and in the other I'm using city and country. There is overlap between the 2 locators.I have removed the 'postal' mapping from the world city locator but I still get the same error.

They both have a country code and I'm using a country code look up table in both because the file I'm geocoding uses a 2 digit ISO code and the software requires 3 digits. 

Ideally, the locator would geocode all the Canada postal and US Zip codes and anything that didn't get geocoded with this locator would be sent to the world city locator. 

This post is getting long, so if anyone has any feedback or comments on this error or has run into this with their own work, please contribte to the solution.


Brad McCallum



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@BradleyMcCallum The Create Composite Address Locator ran quickly considering the composite locator contains path references to the participating locators. Nothing complicated is happening when creating a composite locator. It is similar to how data is referenced in ArcMap and Pro project files.

- It does seem like something is off about the composite. If you open the properties of the composite locator are there any warnings or anything red in the locator properties dialog?

- Can you provide details about the input parameters for the Geocode Table pane or Geocode Addresses tool? Are you geocoding by country name or country code?

- What version of ArcGIS Pro are you using?

I understand that your goal is to work with a composite, but curious to know if you create a multirole locator of Postal Locality and City roles and use it to geocode your data if you get the same error. 

If you wanted to share this data privately let me know.


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