Extract roof forms - segment roof parts - error 999999

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Hello community,

Working in ArcGIS Pro 2.9.3 and attempting to work through Extract roof forms for municipal development | Learn ArcGIS with our organization's data. We have LiDAR data and building footprints, so I am able to get through the first section (Create elevation layers). When I get to the second section (Create 3D buildings), I start getting different errors.

At the step "Extract building roof forms", I choose our projected footprints and DSM surface data, use the default options: spectral detail (7), spatial detail (7), minimum segment size (68), regularization tolerance (3 m), minimum slope (10). I choose a shape file filename for the output segmented buildings.

Here's where it gets a little wacky. I have gotten a few different errors. I started with a large amount of data and started shrinking the vector layer to see if perhaps the footprints file was bad, but no matter the size or which location I choose I get errors. I also tried running a repair geometry, just in case the file had bad segments or points,

At times the bm_common_lib.py file has thrown errors at line 1029 or 1031 (I looked in the file and that appears to be the error handler). After shrinking the vector building footprint down to a smaller size, I only get error 999999.

I'm not sure how to proceed, any suggestions on ways to approach this? (I did search the forums and found this similar post but the solution did not work here)

I've attached the error messages below and obfuscated my file structure.

Segment Roof Parts

Building Footprints (nameOfFile)
Elevation Surface (DSM) (nameOfDSM)
Spectral Detail 7
Spatial Detail 7
Minimum Segment Size (In Pixels) 68
Regularization Tolerance 3 Meters
Segment Flat Roofs Only false
Minimum Slope 10
Output Segmented Buildings C:\Users\(usenameFilepath)\(exportfile).shp

Start Time: Friday, May 27, 2022 11:17:48 AM
ArcGIS Pro version: 2.9.3
Project Home Directory is: C:\(usernameFilepath)
Setting up log file...
Logging set up. Log location: C:\(usernameFilepath)\Logs
- Calculating unique ID of footprints
- Selecting footprints within valid DSM values
- 1 features of the 1 will be processed based on the available raster extent.
- Clipping DSM to footprint extent
- Starting batch processing...
- Clipping raster to building extents
- creating slope rasters
Error on line 1029
Error in file name: C:\(usernameFilepath)\scripts\bm_common_lib.py
With error message:
ArcPy Error Message: ERROR 999999: Something unexpected caused the tool to fail. Contact Esri Technical Support (http://esriurl.com/support) to Report a Bug, and refer to the error help for potential solutions or workarounds.
Failed to execute (Con).

Failed script Segment Roof Parts...
Failed to execute (SegmentRoofParts).
Failed at Friday, May 27, 2022 11:18:17 AM (Elapsed Time: 29.28 seconds)


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Could you try outputting to a file geodatabase please, instead of a shape file.

If that still fails, i would need a small sample area that fails for you: building footprints, DTM, DSM, bdsm.

Thanks Gert

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