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09-21-2023 07:41 AM
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HI Everyone, 

First post here! I have been using ArcGIS Pro to create a map for a local organization. The goal is to export the map from ArcGIS Pro to print in a 30 x 30 foot size. I have created the appropriate size in my layout and plan to split the PDF in In-Design later to printable sizes. However, I cannot export this map for the life of me into PDF. It simply loads for hours but cannot export the map. I wondered if anyone had any tips or ideas for exporting the map. I am not tied to exporting in PDF as long as I can convert it later to PDF to print (the print shop requested this). 

Thanks for your support. 

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Hi! A 30x30 ft map export will take some time for sure, but you should be able to do it. Can you provide some more information about what you are using?

1. What version of Pro?

2. What are your export parameters?

3. Where are you exporting? Is it a location on your local machine or on a network, that can make a difference?

4. Does the application ever crash or do you get an Export Failed message? 


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If you're planning to split it anyway, it may be worth it to make it as a map series.

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