ERROR 000229: with Summary Statistics Tool

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Running Arc GIS Pro 3.0.3 

Hello! I'm trying to find out the total amount of build volume within a country. I have a global dataset which I am cropping using polygons for national boundaries. 

Clip Info:




The issue is when I try to find the sum of values in the band using the Summary Statistics tool I receive ERROR 000229.


Is there some mistake that I am making? or is there perhaps a better way of doing this? any help would be much appreciated! 

Additional info:

The attribute table is grayed out. I've tried using the build raster attribute function, while the task completes successfully it does not create an attribute table, or if it does I cannot locate it as the attribute table symbol is still grayed out and ctrl + t does not seem to do anything. 



The data I'm using for the polygons comes from here:

and the population and build density data originates from:



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For output table, try using the folder icon to the right of the line, navigate to a folder and specify an output name with a *.dbf file extension.

The reason you can't locate the output is that the tool supports the current and scratch workspace which you may not know what or where it is

Summary Statistics (Analysis)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

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