Dynamic Layout Map Frames Zoom and Pan

04-11-2024 03:20 PM
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Hello everyone,

I cannot get the Map Frame in a layout to behave with dynamic constraints the way I would expect.  I hope I am just missing something because I feel this behavior is odd for a layout set to specific page/print size.

I have a map of leaks which is updated bi-weekly and printed (don't get me started on this, it is what it is for now).  The map frame should be 10.5x8in for printing.  The leak locations change and I would like the map display to center on and zoom to display all the leaks as the layer changes.  When I set the display options to Constraint; Fixed Extent; and select my layer it does what I want but it also resizes the window/map frame dimensions.  Is there any way to stop it from changing the frame?  I do not understand why the behavior would be to change the dimensions of the window when typically a layout needs to have a specific size.

I have tried leaving the constraint to None and using the location setting set to the layer which does what I want but does not have a buffer.  I know I can activate the map and zoom to the layer however it seemed like odd behavior to change the frame size so I figure I have something set incorrectly.  I have also created a model for this so my user can just change the date range and viola a new print report is ready, however this is throwing a tiny wrench in that automated process.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.


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