Deep Learning - Is it possible to use 30/60 CM High res images from the World imagery for object detection?

02-23-2024 03:28 PM
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Hello Team,

I am building a Deep Learning model for detecting oil & gas wells for a large area (e.g. Texas) for my research project. I need high resolution images similar to the 30/60cm high res available in World Imagery. How to get those images either from World Imagery or any other source that you know. Could you please help me on this? 

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If you want "download" image from the world imagery you can use layout in arcgis pro, put the map on the layout. Next, export it in the tiff format to maintain the coordinate system.

You can use World Imagery Wayback ( for temporal images. If you're looking for another High-res source (free), it is probably hard because most of them are monetized by 3rd party. Otherwise, if you are a researcher maybe you can contact them for join development. Google earth engine catalog might be another preference, but in my experience for High-res image only available in certain positions.  

Notes: ArcGIS World Imagery highest resolution may vary in every place, but I guess in USA is probably better than the rest.

Hope, it helps your research.


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Thanks Alex, this is a great help.

I think Wayback tile export will help resolve my issue up to some extent. 

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