Copy Raster tool to convert a multidimensional mosaic dataset to a multidimensional CRF

a month ago
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ArcGIS Pro 3.2.2

I am working on a LULC change project, and I am using Landsat 5 and Landsat 8 data (path181/row30 and path181/row31). So far, I have created a mosaic dataset, added the images using Surface reflectance for a processing template, and built multidimensional info. The attribute table looks good, and I had no issues until I used the Copy Raster tool to convert the mosaic dataset to CRF. In the output raster, the contents of the mosaic dataset are not mosaicked to create a raster dataset as specified in the tool help page. The run process is completed with a warning: WARNING 003486: The following template will not be saved to the output raster dataset because definition queries are not supported by the output - "Surface Reflectance". How can I mosaic the scenes from both rows to have one seamless mosaicked image and then use it as an input in a Change Detection Tool?

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