Contiguous US Census Tracts Population Weighted Centroids

06-29-2022 01:36 PM
New Contributor III

I know that this question has been asked in other ways but I am not still able to find an answer for it.

I want to calculate the population-weighted centroids of census tracts within the Contiguous US using the census block populations. 

I am using the Mean Center and I have defined the weights as census block populations, and for the Case field, I used the census tracts FIPS Code.

There are 83,776 tracts in the Contiguous US but the outcome has only 28,798 records. And most of the points are not projected on the right tract (for instance, the centroid of a tract in NY is shown in FL). 

I have also used the "USA_Contiguous_Equidistant_Conic" projection system for all my data and also my main map. The Datum is also NAD83.

I know that Census provides Population Mean Center but I want to find a way to get those results by myself. Please assist me if you can. Thank you

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