Confusion about Visibility SPOT value in ArcGIS Pro

10-05-2022 04:13 PM
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I'm trying to perform an analysis using the Visibility tool, but something is confusing me about the SPOT parameter. On the ArcGIS Pro website ( it says that the SPOT is "used to define the surface elevations for the observation points". If I'm using a DEM for my elevation surface, I would assume the SPOT would be the DEM value at my observer point. This fits with the description in this video ( which uses the diagram below. You can see that the SPOT is the height of the terrain under the observer point.


What I find confusing is that on the ArcGIS Pro website, it provides this figure which shows the SPOT extending up to a plane above the observer point. Shouldn't the SPOT value be the height of that brown hill that the observer is standing on, or am I misunderstanding something?



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