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configure popup for SLPK

3 weeks ago
New Contributor

GIS folks, i have read from different Esri sources that Building scene layers SLPK created from (Create Building Scene Layer Content) GP tool has pop-ups and can be configured. But i don't see that in ArcGIS Pro.

my workflow as follow:
1- convert BIM files to SLPK using (Create Building Scene Layer Content) tool. But because of I cannot locate/find configure popups with this workflow, so i used the following workflow.

a. Convert BIM file to Multipatch in a gdb: using merge tool with added BIM layers to merge it into single Multipatch FC.
b. use Create 3D Object Scene Layer Content GP tool.
c. The generated SLPK contains pop-ups and can be configured.

So now i want to know if the SLPK genearted from Create Building Scene Layer Content contains pop-ups or not, so i can use it on a Web Scene & 3D Instant app.

My environment:
1- Enterprise 11.2
2- ArcGIS Pro 3.3

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