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Clipping raster layer and grid layer

4 weeks ago
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I have ArcGIS Pro 3.3. I am a beginner who is still learning the software. I wanted to know how I can clip layers to a grid I have. I have a layer for a UTM grid of 10x10 km squares and I would like to clip other layers such that each grid cell gives me information for that specific cell only. So I have a layer for the railway network, the road network, the utility network, a layer for some data points, and a layer for certain zones. I want to clip such that each grid cell gives me information about the railway, road, utility, and what zone that grid cell is in, etc. I also have 3 raster layers that I would like to do this with as well but that can come later.

I understand that this might not be as simple as just a clipping and masking task but would like some help on how to proceed.

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