Cannot Trace .kmz or converted .kmz-to-Layer, using the create features trace tool with a new feature.

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Hi all. I am trying to trace a .kmz file of a projects impervious surface, I received so that I can edit it's geometry, add fields, and the like. I have tried importing the KMZ into Arcpro as a .kmz file, a ,kml file, and have also even tried saving it as a layer (also exported the layer file into a feature). 


I am attempting to use the trace tool (with a freshly created feature in a FGDB) to create an identical feature that I can then manipulate. The KMZ and resulting Layer generate internal lines (see photo) which I am able to snap too, however the "boundary" of the feature is not able to be traced. Looking for some help/guidance as it is a complex shape that would take hours to manually digitize.


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rather than tracing, could you just copy the features that you want from your imported version?

- export the KMZ to get an ArcPro layer

- highlight the feature you want in the layer

- right click the layer and Data > Export Features to create a new layer from the selected feature(s)

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