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Can rasters be used with the pair clip function?

06-12-2024 10:23 AM
New Contributor

If I want to crop a raster to fit within a polygon from another set of data, is this possible, and what tools would I use? Pair clip, union, or join? Thank you!

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Esri Contributor

Hi @FaithLesuer 

You can use Clip Raster or Extract By Mask to accomplish this. Keep in mind Extract By Mask requires the Spatial Analyst extension. Take care!

New Contributor II

In ArcGIS Pro, raster datasets can be used with the Clip tool to extract a portion of one raster dataset using the extent of another dataset (such as a polygon feature). This is similar to the Pairwise Clip function in ArcMap. Ensure that the datasets are in same projection.

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