Button shortcut for highlighting preselected feature class points or polygons

04-13-2024 04:46 PM
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Is there a button that can be held when you use the selection tool to highlight features through the map instead of the table for feature class points or polygons already pre-selected?

For example, I have a definition query that filters for point features that are missing their document name in the attribute tables. At the same time in that feature classes attribute table I need to fill out whether a parcel of land does or does not have an easement. In the plat documents that are reviewed there can be well over 100+ parcels within that document that might not have the easement in a specific property, making highlighting through the attribute table inefficient.

Currently I have to do two new selections, first with only parcels that has easements which I run a field calculation for "YES" on it having an easement. Then a second selection for all of the parcels that are in that plat document and then highlight and field calculate "NO" for the null easements followed by field calculating the document name.

Is there a button that can be held or a shortcut as if I am using the selection tool to highlight points that were previously selected so that I do not have to do two separate new selections and potentially making errors?

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the default behaviours

Selection options—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

If there isn't one for your situation, perhaps you can create one

Use keyboard shortcuts—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

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