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03-24-2023 08:21 AM
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I've created a ArcGIS Pro Task containing about ten tasks and subsequent steps. Some of the steps runs a Python Toolbox, where some scripts creates new feature classes and adds it to them to the map, to be processed in the task-steps. When creating the task, I've set specified which of the featurelayers that should be editable, selectable etc, for each task step (content). I've exported my task to a task-file.

If I import the task-file into another ArcGIS Pro project, which uses another filegeodatabase, but with the same datastructure as my original, many of the resources are broken. How can I resolve this? I thought that the same task could be used for the same workflow, even if the datasource changes. I can of course repair each of the broken resources manually, but that won't be possible when I distribute the task to the users.

Could a repair like this be done through python?

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Share a task item—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

Does this apply?

You can import an .esriTasks file into a project and open it in the Tasks pane. When importing a task file as a task item, ensure that the data referenced by the tasks is accessible and exists in the project. The data used in the task steps is not saved with the task file. To save the data with the tasks, create a project package.

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