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Bacth Generate Schema Report

06-14-2024 02:36 PM
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I have a very large arcgis online webmap that has been developed and refined over the course of the last couple of years. I am wanting to get the schema for these various different features into an excel sheet. 


The 'Generate Schema Report' tool when used on a single feature is able to output exactly what I am looking for in an appropriate format when cleaned up a little bit. 


Is there a way that I can use this on more than one feature at a time and to have it output a single excel sheet summarizing the entirety of my project. In a vein attempt to make this work I tried doing a batch version of the tool, but it was only able to output a table for a single feature.

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So even though the Generate Schema Report GP tool parameter says - Input Dataset - it will take an entire geodatabase and generate the report for EVERYTHING in that GDB.  I tested this where I selected Demo.gdb as the input dataset and generated a pdf with the full report.  

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