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Automating Raster Uploads

3 weeks ago
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I am very new to raster data and I am trying to automate a raster workflow. We get weekly data dumps of TIF files in a folder directory that is shared with us. I'd like to mosaic them together and publish them to our portal environment. I've added a date field to the mosaic layer. The goal is to have the the TIF files automatically mosaiced, published to our portal in subsets by the date field I've added, and added as a web layer to a map that users could toggle on. So far I have been able to automate mosaic-ing the TIF files into a geodatabase, but I'm stuck and publishing only a subset of the mosaic to the portal. I can't seem to find a way to automate breaking the mosaic into subsets by the date field I've added. 

I've been following documentation here. It uses the Make Mosaic Layer and Add Rasters to Mosaic Dataset tools but the issue is that this workflow creates a temporary output only in the live session which can't be referenced in a model, script or scheduled task. Thanks for any help!


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I would look into using a Mosiac Dataset:

This can be used to manage all the images in a single location and allow for use in a model / script.

--- George T.
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Thanks for your response George. Is this something that is feasible to accomplish without purchasing an image server? 


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