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Autocad DWG conversion to file geodatabase Using Python

06-18-2024 01:51 AM
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I have some drawings which i would like to convert to shapefiles which i will in turn store in a file geodatabase. The drawings which I want to convert come in form of point, polyline and polygon, and the workflow involves extracting different layers from the Autocad DWG files (as they appear in Autocad), and exporting them to shapefile (feature classes) in ArcGIS Pro. Does anyone have a way of automating this process in ArcGIS Pro so as to save on time and possibly reduce redundancy?


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Not to disparage Autodesk, but AutoLISP is not a recent integration, it's been baked in for a long time and they haven't had much need to innovate. There's a huge ecosystem of scripts and addons that use it. Visual Lisp provides an object-oriented layer on top of AutoLISP. The reverse question to your statement: Why would Autodesk spend time and money developing a new interface when they have customers paying them to recycle the same old language ?

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CAD To Geodatabase (Conversion)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

you didn't want to use this?  See the python example in the link which suggest

arcpy.conversion.CADToGeodatabase(input_cad_datasets, out_gdb_path, out_dataset_name, reference_scale, {spatial_reference})

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