Arcgis 10.2 want know about a distance reaching certain park considering by Age-specific speed, slope which included walking resistance caculation

12-01-2023 06:27 AM
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Hi i am majoring Landscape Architecture, so i am about to write a paper which as i mentioned at the title. For a detail about my subject to understand process below, i wanna know park accessibility by considering age-specific speed and slope which road network included walking resistance. From this kinds of values, First want to know area created when pedestrians walk for a certain amount of time according to the assigned road network(Withouit considering specific values), Second the area which included values(spped/slope). + When i analysis these values, also i wanna put a direction values if i can(I have a point Vector which included a Star and End point)

From my information, if i would use a Cost distance tool,i could easily get a result that i want. Even i tried several times to use a this tool i was not able to get a result that i want. So if someone please can help me out, Suggest some tool or process that i can reach the results. I have no idea which tool i would use, and if that tool is right also don't know where i can put a specific values to.

I am very beginner of Arcgis 10.2. If possible, I would really appreciate it if you could tell me the whole process in as much detail as possible.

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