Append Tool Duplicating Data Records

07-01-2022 11:29 AM
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(Repost; was originally posted in the wrong community)

I've been running into an issue that seems simple but is really disrupting my workflow. Basically, I'm appending point data from a local file to an AGO Feature Service that was created as part of the Police Transparency ESRI Solution using the Append (Data Management Tool) in Pro. Seems simple enough but every time I do it, I end up with a bunch of duplicate records.

I have a screenshot with a test append I did where I tried to append 50 records from the source table to my target table. I ended up with 92 records in my new table, obviously duplicates as the 8-digit field is totally unique in my source table. Some records were duplicated as many as 4 times while some were not duplicated at all.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or related to some sort of settings part of the solution. I'm able to go through and delete the duplicates but that doesn't help me figure out why its happening in the first place. Any clues? Don't know where to start looking



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