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04-16-2024 08:31 PM
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Hey All,

Attempting to publish a web map from ArcPro 3.2.2. I have published one map and all went pretty well, but this second one is acting in very strange ways that I am unable to explain. 

It started when 2 of the 3 shape files would not display. Eventually through zooming an panning around I noticed fragments of my polygon SHP file were there, but only in very small fragments. I checked the WFL feature layer and noticed that what is shown as a polygon in ArcPro was published as a polyline. No idea why and no amount of overwriting or removing and re-adding to the drawing would correct this. 

Issue 2 presented as though only one of the polyline layers would render... or so I thought. As it turns out both are rendering but it appears during the publishing process both layers are creating an exact duplicate of the first layer to be published. Example: if I have shp files A then B in my contents panel, when published the lines in A will be correct but B will be a duplicate of and drawn directly underneath A. If However I have B then A in the contents panel then publishing will result in B being published correctly, but A will be an exact duplicate of and drawn directly underneath B. Keep in mind both files are displayed completely correctly in ArcPro. 

Aside from some from some form of abnormality within the shp files themselves I cant think of any reason for this behavior, but I'm also not sure how to find the issue if it is the shp files. 

Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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