Altering Legend Symbology

03-22-2023 03:38 AM
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Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to alter the symbology of a layer item (not by altering the layer style itself)?

I have a line layer that I am displaying as quite thick dotted line on the map, but in the legend it looks bad.



So, in the legend I'd like it to appear as a nice dotted line.

Many thanks,


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What does it look like on the map, we have nothing to compare it with, so to me what you show is ok?

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Hi Duncan

It looks like (Grey dotted):



I have found a workaround - create a new group, copy the layer into it, and rename, calling it '2' at the end.  Style it up so it looks right in the legend.  Make it not visible on the map.

Go to Legend Properties > Synchronise with Map > Layer Visibility - turn off.

Go back to the legend in the contents pane and move the layer suffixed '2' to below the 'real' layer.  Untick the 'real' layer in the legend so it doesn't show.  Make sure the '2' layer is showing, and once all is ok, just remove the '2' for the layer in the new group you created so the label in the legend is correct.  Clumsy but it works: