Adding links to pages in a PDF using Pro

01-27-2023 07:32 AM
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Sorry not distinctly a Pro question

A few years ago I generated a pdf map book from an ArcGIS Pro project.  224 pages and cover page of the map index.

I was able to generate a  clickable link to each page of the PDF by creating a label for each polygon on the cover page. Then bring it into the Mapbook replacing the cover page and I could automatically generate an internal link to each page in the pdf.  

I need to recreate this but I failed to keep my documentation on what the text was used in the label..

I found the original solution online or in Adobe Help but I cannot find it again. 

Anyone have a reference for this.

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Robert - I found a few Esri Community posts regarding this that may be of help.

Hyperlink from MapSerie to PDF - Esri Community

Formatting Hyperlinks for PDF Layout Export - Esri Community

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Thanks but it is not what I am looking for.  The process I did a few years ago was to create a label that is the link url.  Export the page as a pdf.  Replace the page in the pdf with the page with labels.  Then use the automatic add links tool in Acrobat to generate the links to the desired page in the pdf. 

The only code I can find now is to open a specific page in a specific different pdf

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