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09-24-2022 05:34 AM
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Hello everyone,

I have one table layer.  This table have a one unique attribute index. Attribute index name is FDO_OBJECTID. Every time I open my table layer it sorts the data by object id. I want to add new attribute index.( unique or not unique.)  All I want is for it to sort according to the index column I created when I open my table. Is it possible?


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Adding an Attribute Index will not affect the order of your data in Pro's Attribute Table.

But using the Sort tool from Pro's Data Management toolbox, will allow you to make a copy of your data that is ordered by your chosen Field or Fields.


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Thanks for the answer. I actually wanted this for field workers. It was always bringing the same order in the application they were using. I solved my problem by sorting it under Show related records in web map.

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